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Many feel that that gambling is all about going to the venue, mixing with the crowds, and communicating with the dealers and the bartenders. The atmosphere of the casino is what makes the whole gambling experience magical. The music, the dance and the unlimited food and drinks add to the gala. We are aware of what the players miss when they play from home. We like to believe that there is something even for the online gamblers. We provide communication and interaction with the dealers. This is known as a live dealer casino game. In this scenario, a human dealer is involved. He runs the game real time at the actual casino gaming venue. This is seen by the gambler at home using a live streaming link (video). The gamblers make their bets and calls using the computer screen. The chat and text function are used to convey the bets. .

We ensure that the fun and the thrill of playing the game are not lost. In the live dealer casino game, there is no question of any algorithm to decide the numbers or a reason to suspect the casino. Everything is live and the games are played manually by the dealer. Real life actions are part of the game. We are aware that some of these games are more expensive than the others. We are willing to incur the costs so that the customer is not denied the actual gambling experience. We believe that we like to cater to different parts of the world. We offer various games that are available at the casino. They include the popular Baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker and slot machines. End of the day, it is not only the money but customer satisfaction that define how successful we are. We are here to ensure that the gambling experience is not lost on those who play from home.